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The Love Bugs Have Arrived!

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The Bug That Doesn't Get Much Love...

Fun Fact Friday! I’m sure most have realized that love bug season is back, it sure is hard to miss! Here are a few facts about these harmless, yet excessive bugs: -Love bugs are not native to Florida; they come from Central America. -Love bugs are beneficial as larvae because they help to decompose dead plant material. -Love bugs can be seen almost every month of the year, but their populations tend to peak in May and September for four to five weeks. -When the population isn’t at its peak (when you don’t see LOTS of them), this just means that all the adults have died. But just wait, it’s only a matter of time until the larvae develop into pupae and the adults emerge. -If you get splattered remains from love bugs on your vehicle after your daily drive, try to clean your vehicle as soon as you can. These bugs contain acids that will eat away at your paint and the sunshine speeds up how fast this occurs. (TIPS! Try to keep a good coat of wax on your car for love bug season and the sooner that you wash their remains off your vehicle, the easier and less damage that is done)! We hope you enjoyed our fun facts, Happy Friday!

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